Tapping Your Body Code to Build Valuable Health Skills

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Body code is the signs and signals that our body displays as external physical symptoms.

Our body is like the hardware of computer, while our mind is the software. Our five senses sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch receive external messages every second like the way the modem receives in-coming information through the Internet connection.

Compared to the computer, our body is far more sophisticated and capable than we realize. It is highly responsive to external and internal changes with body code that constantly calls for our attention. While we are familiar with the various functions in our body, we don’t really realize just what a valuable resource it is.

There are two body functions that play a significant role in our personal effectiveness:

The capacity for health
The capacity to gather information
Out Body Is A Natural Healer
Our body is capable of restoring health with its innate self-healing functions. Without any medications, our body has the amazing resources to heal itself if only we would provide it with the right conditions.

Before we discuss what are the conditions we need to provide to the body for self-healing to take place, we should ask what are the conditions that cause the body to malfunction.

The greatest cause of health problem is STRESS!

According to medical experts, stress-related psychosomatic diseases account for 75 to 85 percent of our health problems. It is no exaggeration to say that stress is the No. 1 indirect killer of modern man. Take a look at what stress can cause:

Health: Hypertension, ulcer, migraine, diarrhea, heart problem, high-blood pressure, depression.
Career: Affect work performance in decision-making, mental clarity, problem solving, creativity, etc.
Relationship: In workplace and at home, affecting marriage, colleague relationship and friendships.
Without understanding the right way to manage stress, people often turn to means like drugs, alcohol, sex, and violence to seek instant release. These measures solve the problems immediately and temporarily, leaving behind highly undesirable long-term consequences like a ticking time bomb.

Stress Management Is the No. 1 Health Skills

We can take charge of our health and wellness, by being sensitive to our body, reading the body code carefully, and managing our stress readily. Learning this health skill is worth many times more than the direct health costs and the indirect social costs that we stand to save. This is the skill that can add more years to your life, as well as more life to your years!

When the body is free from stress, it is well balanced and its innate resources are able to function optimally. These self-healing resources will quickly restore the body to its healthy state.

When stress is in check, our body becomes a powerful natural healer.

The Body As An Information Resource

Our body is a sophisticated receiver that pick up and responds to signals from the external environment. It also responds to changes within you – your mind and body. Like a faithful servant, it sends body code constantly to keep you informed of any potential problems in your body. If you pay attention to what your body tells you, you not only can avoid imminent health problems, but also understand the world better.

Our body never fails to tell us well in advance what is going wrong in our body. When we have high blood pressure, it is a symptom of chronic stress, which tells us that we are having excessive stress and not managing it well. If we ignore the message and don’t take any action, the next predictable consequence is either a stroke or heart attack. If we are alert to this body code and take timely measure of stress control such as meditation, deep breathing, exercise, and proper diet, the imminent health problem can be avoided. These health measures effectively use the resources within our body to restore the body to its healthy state.

Tension headache is very common today, especially among the office workers. It started off as tension in the neck and shoulders, the forehead, or in the jaws. This feeling of slight tension is often ignored, until we experience pain. The body is sending us stronger signals by giving us pain to nudge us to take action. However, most of the time this signals is being suppressed by taking painkiller. Painkiller does not cure the headache; it only removes the body code that tells us about our muscle problem.

If we could just be more sensitive to our body, taking short exercise from our desk whenever any part of our muscle becomes tense, we could avoid many health problems.

Our body code is an amazing valuable resource at our disposal, which we should use to improve our health skills and make our body a natural healer.


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